124 ideas on “ The original Actual Palmtop ”

124 ideas on “ The original Actual Palmtop ”

I really hope you enjoyed this excursion along the memories way regarding palmtop computing, and you will inform us from the comments should you ever made use of one among these.

I must say i miss whenever my 200LX (having RAM improvements and you can a pouch laden up with PCMCIA precious jewelry) was superhero technology. A couple of AA batteries at the rear of a good (towards the go out) 2 servers? Sure Excite.

Move accumulate/off, swap x-y, obvious x

We removed one in the latest bin once the a young child, therefore met with the cracked depend. Performed manage to fine some body nevertheless on line promoting the new bits! Great man as well 🙂

A very sweet servers, not actually the earliest palmtop… The brand new 200LX looked three years avec new 95LX, and 5 years pursuing the Atari/Drop portfolio additionally the Poqet… maybe not mentionning the brand new Sharps 3000s

Late for the class, must reply to your “RAM enhancements”. My personal 95, one hundred and 200LX continue to work, the brand new 200LX that have most RAM and you can an excellent 16 mHz amazingly, powering Avi Mershar’s overclocked display screen drivers. Continue reading “124 ideas on “ The original Actual Palmtop ””